Stanley Akins - 6-14-15

Martha Ann Allison

Robert Baker

James (Jim) Edward Beaver

Harry Bell - 1/?/15

Richard (Dickie) Blount

Lewis Hasper Boone

Kenneth D Bourgulgnon

Margaret J Boyd Acord

Dr. John R Brooker - 7/4/08

Russell William Brooker

Marlene K Brooks (Gilbert) 7/12/16 

Albert C Bunger - Dec.2002

Juanita Vivian Burke

Joanne Cain

Robert (Bob) Clarke 12/31/13

Frank W Converse 10/20/10

Ione Clemens Fogle 6/16/09

Lancia Nan Cohn

Linda Nadine Coker

Pauline R Copeland

Thomas (Tommy) Corbitt

George Lee Cranford

Betty Ann Crossey Zicki

David Martin Davenport

Tommie J Davis Thompson

Douglas Darden - 5/9/15

Harry Lucien Durepo

Louis  (Lou) J Eassa - 11/10/13

David Ross English

Suzanne Ellen Gold

Charles Joseph Goppert - 3/25/18

Shaun Patrick Gorman

Sterling Haight

Francine M Hatchell Tenney

Eston Haymond - 1/?/2014

Dr William Hewson - 1/9/12

Robert G Hilbert

Dennis Kent Hoeber

Donald Roy Hoefs

Donald L Hornak - 2008

Roger D Horne

Terry D Hughes Burkette - 9/26/10

William D Jackson,III

James E (Jim) Johnson 7/25/13

Paul A Johnson - 4/3/09

Robert (Bob) Johnwick  2007

Robert Bruce Jones

Horace Bruce Jordan  2/19/14

John A Kersey

Michael Steven Kessler

Grover C Knowles

Henry E Lilienthal

David Martin Logston

Betty Anne Mahathey Keinert

Joan Leonard Mousel - 8/15/17

Leanna M Martin

Terry McCann


Harry I Miller - 9/23/18

Jon-Faye Mitchell Tinsley - 12/23/17

James F Neal

Robert J North

Dr S Richard Ombres, Jr -11/23/12

Edward Robert O'Neil

Allan Oppenheimer

Patricia Patterson Milstead

Zonna Patterson Brown - 8/17/18

Sammy Ray Perkins

George (Swoosh) Phelps

Diane M Pimentel (Wildmann) 10/18/18

Royce Lamar "Buddy" Platt - 12/25/18

Fairfax (Fair) Poindester

Chester Powell

Ithema Pruitt Vann

Roberta Louise Redifer

Linford F Rickards

William R Rilea

Donald Ray Robertson

Carol H Robinson Semmens - 12/2/10

Judith Roehrich

Marlene Frances Sachs

Nancy Sue Sasser Rimmer

Deanna Schultz Miller

Dennis G Scollin - 1/28/12

Sharon Lou Sherman Stokes

Mary Cecelia Skowronek

Robert C Smith

Sandra Smith Stevens - 1/21/18

Peggy Smyly Perlmutter - 10/23/18

Ada Deanna Snarfeldt Miller

Robert Harold Soden

Robert Joseph Soll

Mary Sowell Baldwin - 8/10/18

Georgia A Strickland English

Sue Tathwell (Wille) - 6/11/18

John Temple - 8/16/15

Joseph William Tracy

Helen Louise Travis Dykas

Wanda Turner Wright

Robert Unger

Richard Urso

Loretta Faith Verner Tolman

William J "Jay" Wadworth-1/24/15

Clarence Lee Wagner

Beverly J Ward Borcheller - 2/23/09

Harold Thomas(Tommy) Walls

Michael I Warren 12/31/12

Jary E Watson - 1/25/19

Barbara A Welch Atkinson-2008

Judith S White Singer 1990

Jean I Williams Register

Ora Mercelyn Wilson 11/28/11

Arlene J Wittich Carlson

Sarah F Woods Sargent

Robert Ellis Wright 5/27/10




Treasures of Life

Many are the loves and treasures

That we lose throughout the years

Some - to never be recovered;

Some that, often, reappear;

Youth and health of heart and courage

Wane away with trials of time;

Happy hopes and happy wishes

Lose themselves in life's decline,

But the love of God is endless -

From the day that we are born -

As our treasure of salvation,

When all else is lost or gone.

~Michael Dubina~

If you know of a deceased classmate that is not listed on this page,
please notify me.

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