If you are visiting this website and graduated in 1957 from Palm Beach High School,

West Palm Beach, FL please check the "missing" page for your name.

If it is listed, PLEASE contact me for updating our class roster.


PBHS Print by Caree R Brown - 1992



 On the city's western border

Reared against the sky;

Proudly stands or Alma Mater

Dear old Palm Beach High.


Into the world we soon will travel

after school is done;

Still will stand our Alma Mater

Proudly looking on;


Sing her praises, send them upward

Over hill and dale;

Here's to thee dear Palm Beach High School

Hail to thee, all hail.

This old arch has many tales to tell-                                                                  

            Of things that glow like an ember                                                                      

They're made of friends and joys and tears----                      

Our Moments to Remember!

~From our 1957 Annual~

Author unknown

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