Class History

~1957 Senior Class History~
As exactly written in our1957 Royal Palm Annual

We, the class of '57, agree that all good things mustcome to an end, but we shall always cherish the lingering memories of Palm Beach High.                             

We began our first year on the Hill with the sophomore Get Acquainted Party which was a great success.A few weeks later we elected our class officers who were President, Terry Little, V. President, Horatio Castle,Secretary, Evelyn Meeks, Treasurer, Lynn Greer. We shall ever be grateful to our sponsor, Mrs. Sally Hogarth.

Our most popular sophomores were Evelyn Meeks, Carole McCampbell, Brenda McCampbell, Jane Parmelee, Lynn Greer, Norma Thach, Barbara Rowe, Sue Tathwell, Cora Ann Ware, Patty Ashworth, Meredith Leonard, Mike Warren, Bill Crickenburger, Robert Smith, Tommy Vernon, Don Ray Robertson, Terry Little, Robert Drury, Ben Tooke, and Horatio Castle.

The Sophomore Hop, which was held at the George Washington Hotel,was the climax for the great year.

Under the Excellent guidance of our sponsors, Mrs. Sliker and Mr. Baumgarten, we elected the junior class officers who were President, Kendall Harris, V. President, Horatio Castle, Secretary, Evelyn Meeks, Treasurer, Betty Mahathey.

Among the activities of the year we attended the Cinderella's Ball, Our Junior senior Prom, at the Casino in Lake Worth.

We elected as popular juniors Caroline Birdsall, Norma Thach, Brenda McCampbell, Jane Parmelee, Carole McCampbell, Bets Anderson, Evelyn Meeks, Barbara Rowe, Patty Ashworth, Elaine Free,Lynnn Greer, Sue Tathwell, Ben Tooke, Ronnie Slack, Don Ray Robertson, Bob Smith, Cristy Watts, Bob Clark, Tom Corbitt, Tom Vernon, Horatio Castle, Mike Warren, Bill Crickenberger, and Kendall Harris.

As we continue to reminisce, we realize that the class of fifty-seven was an excellent one.

Those officers elected from the senior class were President, Ben Tooke, V. President,Horatio Castle, Secretary, Evelyn Meeks, Treasurer, Barbara Rowe.

With the wise counseling of Miss Rowbotham and Mr. McLaughlin, we had an unforgettable year.

The seniors chosen by the faculty to be on the Steps of Honor, the highest honor Palm Beach High offers are Brenda McCampbell, Carolyn Mister, Betsy Shepley, Mary Sowell, Trudi Bush, Sandra Keith, Cherry Weakley, Edonna Borchardt, Evelyn Meeks, Caroline Birdsall, Norma Thach, Donald Ray Robertson, Dave Davenport, Ben Tooke, Richard Drury, Robert Drury, Mike Warren, Horatio Castle, Tommy Vernon, Walter Birdsall and Bill Crickenberger.

The Popular Senior Superlatives elected from the class were Best All Round, Ben Tooke and Brenda McCampbell; Personality Plus, Tommy Corbitt and Jane Parmelee; Best Looking, Donald Ray Robertson and Elaine Free; Class Darlings, Phil Romano and Caroline Birdsall; Most Likely to Succeed, Mary Sowell and Tommy Vernon; Friendliest, Horatio Castle and Evelyn Meeks; Life of the Party, Paul Stearns and CeCe Drew; Best Dancers, Bill Ande and Norma thach; Outstanding in Scholarship, Bill Crickenberger and Sue Gold; Most Outstanding in Athletics, Jim Beaver and Bets Anderson;Most Talented, Caroline Mister and Barkley Henderson; Most School Spirit, Mike Warren and Carole McCampbell.

The Faculty elected the following as outstanding students in each field: Science, Bill Crickenberger, Donald Carroll and Patrick O'Hara: Foreign Lauguage, Betsy Shepley, Martha Sory and Patrick O'Hara; Speech, Robert Drury, Robin Ryan and Brenda McCampbell; Journalism, Virginia Josey, Walter Birdsall and Gordon Pinder; Band, Tommy Vernon, Carolyn Allen and Barkley Henderson; Business Education, Leanna Martin and Cherry Weakley; Physical Education,Jim Beaver, Bets Anderson and Ronnie Slack; Math, Bill Crickenberger, Bill Hewson and Trudi Bush; Home Economics, Trudi Bush, Phylis Crotts and Janet Birt; Social Studies, Carolyn Mister, Robert Drury and Henry Lilienthal; English, Henry Lilenthal, Miriam Schestag and Norma Thach; Vocal Music, Caroline Bigbee, Ben Tooke and Sue Tathwell; Art, Virginia Josey, Gail Franck, and Noel Carmichel; Vocational, John Powell, Rudy Johnson and Georgia Strickland; D.C.T., Gail Wright and Terry Reamsnyder.

We had a wonderful time at our Senior Skip Day at Du Bois. As we slowly made our way homeward, we stored up memories at our last picnic together, to think about in later years.

With shining eyes, all danced to flowing music at our Junior Senior Prom. Thanks to the juniors for a never to-be-forgotten time.

We were proud and happy to receive our diplomas. Even though we looked forward to the future, we hated to leave such a wonderful School.

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